Conservation Economy

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On this site, fifty-seven patterns provide a framework for an ecologically restorative, socially just, and reliably prosperous society. They are adaptable to local ecosystems and cultures, yet universal in their applicability. Together they form what we call a Conservation Economy.

Together, the patterns form a visual and conceptual framework that can be used to inspire innovation, focus planning efforts, and document emerging best practices. A conservation economy comprehensively integrates Social, Natural, and Economic Capital to demonstrate that a sustainable society is both desirable and achievable.

The conservation economy framework provides the basis for a wide range of training and consulting services, helping businesses, governments, and non-profits make a just and viable transition to sustainability. In order to constantly test the ideas behind a conservation economy, we also host an international "open source" Learning Network which allows people to share their insights and experiences.

Ecotrust has developed this framework for a conservation economy throughout ten years of practical conservation work in the coastal temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. We believe that a conservation economy inherently serves the self-interest of individuals and communities, and we see our role as providing the tools for others working to grow it. Learn about the Roots of Our Work.

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