Continuous deployment

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Continuous Delivery without multi-versioning is irresponsible
Gojko Adzic

continuous delivery must:

  • keep users in the clear;
  • maintain users’ steady flow of work or sessions; and
  • facilitate and soothe marketing initiatives.

Benefits of continuous delivery:

  • reduced technical risk of releases
  • faster time to market
  • deal with product faults and recalls a lot cheaper (than your competition)
  • take away the drama from releases
  • make things run smoothly and predictably
  • customers tend to feel more entitlement
  • multi-versioning opens up some amazing business capabilities, like:
    • gentle/gradual release of high risk or experimental features
    • running product experiments on 1% of the live user base to prove costly assumptions;
    • offering early access to premium customers
    • hot-fixing and preventing problems much cheaper than before;
    • running marketing initiatives around marketing events rather than technical deployment capabilities.