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…een gedistribueerd, gedecentraliseerd systeem.

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Interoperabiliteit en uitwisseling van gegevens, onafhankelijk van technologie, taal en gedrag.

Interoperability means consistency across platforms, applications, and programming languages. Forces:

  • A protocol determines how an application will be accessed, owned and created by a large group and defined outside software.
  • An API is defined by a small group, owned by a small group, and closely tied to the software.
  • APIs break over time in ways protocols don't. Classes of API breakages:
    1. unintended consequences;
    2. underestimating the value of backward compatibility; and
    3. overestimating the coolness factor of new features.

A question that a developer should ask him/herself is how much control can and should be seeded from the application designers to the pool of users?

What we've learned from the Network is that the more this is shared, the more it scales.


Ontwerp een elegant en schaalvrij protocol en maak een referentie-implementatie en testbed waarmee je aantoont dat het protocol werkt zoals beschreven

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