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On my way to ScrumPLoP. Tisvildeleje, I jotted down a wishlist of scrum patterns

go home early—avoid overtime work, just do the stuff in normal working hours
agile atelier—set up an atelier or studio to do focused work
story map
nested story map—using chief product owner and executive product owner
hoshin kanri
serious game
vibrant personas
business leads agile
letting go
sense of urgency
room for error—celebrate the error of the sprint
a few good men—a small, sharp, focused and ‘centralized’ team leading corporate agile adoption
product owner by proxy—for distributed scrum
nests of scrums—aka scrum of scrums
team of seven plus or minus two—typical rule to size teams
split at 150—Dunbar's number on when to split organizational units
doubly linked holarchy—sociocracy, product owner and scrum master
two to tango—always have two scrum coaches jointly coach multiple teams; gives each a shoulder to cry on
agile academy—to educate and train a lot of people during a large scal agile adoption
seasonal agile metrics—do a lightweight benchmark every quarter
neutral agile readiness assessment—have your readiness assessed by a neutral party
swarm of agile coaches
coach sets context
make yourself redundant
show and go before
teaching how to fish
seeing is believing
mimic joint self
match and lead
client's laguage
see monkey do monkey
visual identity
compatibility logo
agile community process
done and documented
blog leads book
foreign glimpses
mind the gap
distributed agile protocol
fat story points
flow to ready, iterate to done
single piece, continuous flow
team over individual
100% pure scrum
no friction, no shining
contract catalyses collaboration
plan your own journey
agile travel agent
moving platforms
no titles
each team a need area
demand new ideas
cherry pick ideas
seasonal beat